1/ Getting BSC test network ready

Add a BSC test network to MetaMask and get the test net funds.
Chain ID: 97
Block Explorer URL:
Select BSC testnet in a dropdown menu (on the upper left side).

3/ Now Switch back to BSC Testnet and get DAI/USDT/USDC from the faucet:

Addresses in BSC test net
DAI: 0x951346391259F533C69a5fE11b912f1a9A147725
USDT: 0x431A2Ca02e558a8dC4dADB18F125eC966Cc7eAd6
USDC : 0x52d3503B221012f91394ec6c02cC02A75Ba9Cc3c

4/ Visit test network web:

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